Hemp Farm is delighted to share this lovely video of our 2017 harvesting with you, featuring hemp fibre and hurd decorticating.
Decortication: the act or method of removing the outer coverings ( hemp fiber) from one thing ( hemp’s cellulose core a.k.a. hurd).

Soon after quite a few years of really hard operate, our dream of making the world’s very best hemp fiber from fresh stalks has come to fruition. Our machine, recognized as the Clarke D8 soon after it really is late inventor Adrian Clarke, is a hemp decortication method that uniquely processes hemp stalks fresh from the field.

This new machine really specific, as the regular strategy of fiber separation employed all through the globe now requires cutting down the hemp stalks and leaving them to ret (partially rot) in the field for a number of months. Following this, the stalks pass via a hammer mill, which crushes them to separate the woody cellulose core from the outer fiber. This in depth processes weakens fiber.

Nonetheless, the Clarke D8 basically “peels” the fiber away from the inner core of the hemp stalks, preserving all of its all-natural strength. This indicates we are capable to create the world’s strongest hemp fiber, and in record time.

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